Improve outcomes, lower emergency department use, decrease inpatient stays and provide consistent delivery of recommended services

Answer Health recognizes the unique needs of independently owned and operated practices. By leveraging economies of scale, we are able to provide care team resources to all practices, including Care Managers and Pharmacists to help meet quality measures.

Centralized Care Management

We share our centralized team amongst several practices and support those whose panel size does not necessitate a full time in-office care team.

Benefits to your practice:

  • Improved care coordination
  • Reduced hospital visits
  • Increased patient engagement and health care utilization

Embedded Care Management

Embedded care teams live within an independent practice to participate in patient care and drive positive outcomes for a specific location.

Benefits to your practice:

  • On-demand service and support
  • Regular training and certification opportunities
  • Work group activities and Answer Health-provided education

Referral Management & Coordination Services

As coordination of care and utilization management continue to change, Answer Health is on the forefront of creating referral reporting to help educate providers on referral tracking and management. Referral management aids in the patient and provider experience while ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of care at the appropriate cost.

Benefits to your practice:

  • Distribution of resources by utilizing referral options within the network
  • Real-time referral reporting
  • More accurate data collection

Medication Therapy Management

Answer Health pharmacists provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services in our primary care practices. The pharmacist is embedded in PCP offices to perform comprehensive medication reviews with patients through collaboration with the care team.


Benefits to your practice:

  • Improved patient use and administration of medications
  • Reduced side effects and duplication
  • Reduced drug interactions