Senior Health Connect (SHC) is a program developed in partnership with agilon health that strengthens the connection between primary care physicians and Medicare Advantage patients.

Senior patients nationwide are increasingly selecting Medicare Advantage plans over traditional Medicare due to the wider range of benefits and better costs. Answer Health has recognized this trend and wants to ensure no practice or patient is left behind during this transformation in senior care.

Answer Health provides our participating SHC members with a dedicated leadership team of local executive staff and physicians who bring decades of combined experience in practice management, coding, clinical documentation, and more.

Shop & Compare Resources for Patients

Find out which coverage options, including Medicare Advantage plans, are available to you in Grand Rapids & Traverse City from local partners we trust. You'll get useful insights from licensed independent brokers and providers to help you choose the best plan for your needs this AEP.
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Why Choose Senior Health Connect?

Senior Health Connect was built to support integrated payment and quality care initiatives across our local practices. This program enhances the longstanding Answer Health mission to provide higher quality care at lower costs and aid independent providers. Senior Health Connect supports providers in accessing and understanding valuable information about health plan data exchanges and advances the transition from fee-for-service to true value-based healthcare.

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