A Physician-Led Organization

  • Experienced, Approachable Leaders

  • One of the goals of Answer Health is to maintain an open dialogue with patients, physicians, and individuals in their practices. The organization’s leaders welcome questions and feedback from Answer Health members and individuals in the community. To share your thoughts, please contact one of the physicians currently serving on our Board of Managers.

Answer Health Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Khan Nedd serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Answer Health. A Board- certified Internist, Dr. Nedd has broad-based medical experience as an Internist, Hospitalist, and Infusion Therapy Specialist. Dr. Nedd currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Kellogg Foundation, Hospice of Michigan, Hope Network, and Answer Health. He has also held positions of leadership in the community at the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute and is a current member of the campaign cabinet of the Grand Rapids Ballet as well as a Board member of Key Green Solutions.

  • In addition to conducting ongoing research and making presentations to health care organizations and physicians across the country, Dr. Nedd is involved in a variety of business ventures and start-up companies including Infusion Associates and the Hospitalist Organization of Western Michigan. Dr. Nedd enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and traveling.

Answer Health Board of Managers

  • Michael App, MD

  • Shauna Baker, MD

  • Richard Bereza, MD

  • Robert Bowes, MD

  • Michael Bultje, DO

  • Randall Clark, MD

  • Donald Dean Downs, MD

  • John LaGrand, MD

  • John Millett, MD

  • Khan Nedd, MD

  • Don Powell, DO

  • Scott Russo, MD

  • Alan Siegel, MD

  • Wendy Walker, MD

  • Philip Weighner, MD

  • Pam Zelasko, MD