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Physician-Driven with Local Insight

  • Physician-Driven with Local Insight

    As local physicians who are also members of Answer Health, the
    organization’s Board of Directors is uniquely positioned to help
    ensure the organization’s ongoing success. Board members have a
    clear understanding of the forces affecting area physicians,
    enabling them to

    • Consider the communities served and the local health care infrastructure when developing the network and its market-specific programs.
    • Tailor programs to meet the needs of physicians and patients in Western and Northern Michigan.
    • Identify sufficient resources and appropriate performance targets for the ongoing growth of the network.
    • Establish and implement a solid and well-defined strategic financial plan.
    • Ensure strong physician participation, leadership, and governance.
    • Maximize the use of technology to connect and communicate with physicians and patients, monitor programs, and track performance measurements.

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“Answer Health’s network of independent physicians includes many of West Michigan’s top-rated practices according to independent measures of quality and cost-management.”

Easy Enrollment, Clear Expectations

Physicians who are current members of POWM or WMPN—and those who choose to sign up for either organization in the future—are invited to join Answer Health at no additional cost. To join, physicians simply complete and sign the required participation agreement.
Under this agreement, physicians and their practices commit to the following:

  • Participation in quality initiatives related to the physician’s specialty
  • Monitoring and controlling costs
  • Enhancing the quality of care for patients served
  • Adhering to contracting and connectivity terms
  • Holding themselves and one another accountable for clinical performance and efficiency standards

Answer Health assists physicians in establishing procedures to adhere to these requirements and helps participating practices master the use of technological tools to facilitate monitoring and reporting.

Discover the Power of Participation

Ongoing Advantages for Physicians

In addition to the advantages of collaborating with like-minded physicians and openly sharing ideas and feedback about programs and policies with Answer Health’s Board of Directors, independent physicians who participate in the CIO receive the long-term benefits of

  • Improvements in patient care as a result of a shared focus on quality and accountability for best practices
  • Collective contract negotiations with health plans and payers
  • Transparent and accurate assessments of physicians’ results through network-developed alternatives to health plan “report cards”
  • Access to technological and quality-improvement infrastructure
  • Shared marketing efforts to promote network physicians and highlight the quality of their care

“Answer Health empowers independent physicians to become active participants in efforts to reform the health care system, improve patient outcomes, and reduce health care costs.”