• For Physicians

    As local physicians who are also members of Answer Health, the organization’s Board of Directors is uniquely positioned to help ensure the organization’s ongoing success.

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  • For Patients

    Answer Health was developed to improve patient care in all areas and offer patients the best health care outcomes.

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  • Leadership

    One of the goals of Answer Health is to maintain an open dialogue with patients, physicians, and individuals in their practices.

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    Participating Member Practices and Shareholders are encouraged to enroll in the secure member portal in order to view the network calendar.

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    • Telemedicine, that is safe, secure, and confidential.
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    • $45 payable by credit card or billed to your insurance, if applicable.

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Answer Health is expanding its reach in Western and Northern Michigan, with a goal of delivering care in 14 counties and 60 communities.

Giving a Voice to Physicians and Patients

To maintain a thriving medical practice, independent physicians need a reliable means of joint contracting that encourages and rewards top-quality performance, provides access to the technological and networking infrastructures necessary to communicate effectively with patients and other physicians, and sensibly realigns financial incentives in the complex fee-for-service health care system.

Answer Health, a clinically integrated organization (CIO) formed by the Physicians’ Organization of Western Michigan (POWM) and West Michigan Physicians Network (WMPN), was created to address each of these needs. Answer Health is fully engaged in supporting independent physicians and the patients they serve by

  • Improving the quality and outcome of patient care
  • Controlling costs
  • Ensuring efficiency in health care services
  • Strengthening the position of private practice physicians
  • Monitoring and reducing overuse, underuse, and misuse of clinical resources